Monday, December 29, 2008

Central Iowa Sewing Rebellion Inaugural Meeting

Sunday January 11, 2009 The Central Iowa Sewing Rebellion will host it's first meeting.  Bring yourself, a friend, fabric scraps and things to mend and food to share.

Topics to be covered:  mending techniques, button sewing techniques and making a fabric covered buttons from washers and fabric scraps.  Bring a coat with holes in the pockets, shirts with missing buttons, and pants with holes in the knee.  Brunchluck (breakfast/lunch potluck) to start at noon, demos at 1ish and free sewing instruction until 4pm.  Drop in when you can, leave when you need to.  Nothing to mend?  Bring a project to work on or a question to ask.

All are welcome!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Sew Many Ways to Help

If you are looking to donate your new found sewing skills, check this article about sewers who are using their skills to respond to disasters.

Proteus Gowanus

Brooklyn Gallery focuses on the topic of Mends.  If you are in or around brooklyn I recommend you check it out.


Check out this great musical  They were two of the three hosts for the Brooklyn SEWING REBELLION. 

SEWING REBELLION Red Hook, Brooklyn - Alterations

Alterations give new life to a garment which may have been in your closet for years.  Beck, was in the process of transforming a oversized skirt, into a fun party dress.  

Just in time for some cold wet weather, she also updated the look of this red wool coat.  She nip in the waist and shortened the length.  

SEWING REBELLION Red Hook, Brooklyn - Vintage tools

One of the evenings themes was getting used to using a sewing machine.  These two machines are beautiful examples of vintage machines, which are still in great running order.  With a little bit of sewing machine oil, and some good use, they will be running for years to come.  The also make great objects to have around the house.

SEWING REBELLION Red Hook, Brooklyn - Mends 2

Erin's favorite shirt also need some repair.  Check out the bold red patch!  Ah, the simple pleasures.  

SEWING REBELLION Lancaster PA - alterations

Tim brought his own sewing machine, and altered two vintage jackets.  To alter jackets, it's best to follow the seams.  Another good tip is to put the jacket or garment on inside out, so the pinning happens on the side you will be sewing on.

SEWING REBELLION Lancaster PA - Patched Jeans

Rob has been patching this pair of jeans for three years.  He uses iron on patches and hand stitches around the edges.

Monday, December 22, 2008

SEWING REBELLION Red Hook, Brooklyn - mends

Alex first US visit included a stop at the SEWING REBELLION.  His travel worn shirts need some patching.  Check out one of Alex's collaborative projects: 

SEWING REBELLION Red Hook, Brooklyn - found dress

Hanna is an artist and dog walker in brooklyn, she finds her cloths on the streets when she's walking her dogs.  She made the comment, that her cloths are like fishing, she catches them and then releases them.  She brought this dress, to be hemmed.  Looks like she's ready to beat the winter blues.

A Rebellion of One

The Sewing Rebellion in Lancaster PA, Dec. 13, began as a rebellion of one.  Deb Serdy, a local artist, was the first to arrive.   She had a vision for a paneled skirt, and also wanted to learn how to put a zipper in.  She achieved both.  The skirt is still in process and hopefully she will post and image of the finished product. 

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sewing Rebellion at GOOD

Monday Dec. 8, 2-7 pm, at Good Magazines THE GOOD SPACE, a new community space on Melrose Ave.  The SR participants: 
Debra, mended denim jeans, repairing holes and reinforcing seams; Angie, over came her zipper phobia, and created a zipper pouch; Beth, updated some vintage skirts, with her grandmother buttons, and Andrea has agreed to host the next SR.  Watch for details.

Also coming soon: Ask Frau Fiber.  It seems numerous questions are arising, during the SR events.  These questions require further investigation, and instruction.  Frau Fiber will be responding to your questions in the coming weeks.  

Saturday, November 29, 2008


ID yourself as a participant of the SEWING REBELLION.  Email your address to receive a FREE patch. 

Frau Fiber hit's the road in December.

Bring your sewing machines, needles, thread and sewing problems to the SEWING REBELLION!  Frau Fiber will also have East German Shopping bag, Hunters Hat, and white-collar shirt patterns on hand for you to produce. 

Monday December 8, 2-7 pm, @ Good Magazines offices, 6824 Melrose Ave. LA, CA

Saturday December 13, 10:30 am- 2:30 pm @ The Lancaster Museum of Art, 135 N. Lime Street, Lancaster PA.

Thursday December 18, 7-11 pm, 5 Delevan Street, Brooklyn NY.



The SEWING REBELLION began in the fall of 2006 @ Mess Hall, a community cultural center on the North Side of Chicago.  It began as a monthly free sewing workshop and clothing exchange.  In January 2007, it was decided that a rebellion couldn't happen once a month.  Weekly meetings on Sunday afternoons were established until May of 2007, when Frau Fiber became itinerant.  The SEWING REBELLION as Mess Hall, continues today.  

Frau Fiber's intention is to bring the SEWING REBELLION to communities around the country, where she lay's the ground work for an economy of STOP SHOPPING, START SEWING.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Welcome to the Sewing Rebellion

The Sewing Rebellion is a FREE workshop!

I WANT YOU, to emancipate yourself from the global garment industry by learning the skills to alter, mend and make your own garments!

Facilitated by Frau Fiber, textile worker and activist, Frau Fiber distributes her knowledge of the garment industry, pattering making and sewing.  Encouraging the REUSE,RENOVATION and RECYCLING of existing garments and textiles in the creation of unique items tailored to YOUR taste and body shape.

BRING garments to mend and alter; sewing problems to solve, or an old piece of cloth to use in the production of an East German shopping bag.  Other knock off patterns on hand:  hunters hat and white-collar shirt.

Please post your questions or email Frau Fiber ,

Sewing Rebellion on the Road:
Dec. 8, 2-7 pm, sponsored by Good Magazine, 6824 Melrose Ave, LA, CA

Dec. 13, 10:30 am-2:30 pm, sponsored by Lancaster Museum of Art, 135 N. Lime Street, Lancaster PA

Dec. 18, 7-11 pm, Red Hook Sewing Rebellion, privately sponsored, email for directions.

Stop Shopping, Start Sewing Frau Fiber